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Short Tokens Come to Ethereum

Short Tokens allow you to hedge portfolio risk and represent the next step in decentralized trading.

sETH on Radar
Short Tokens
Shorts Straight To Your Wallet

Shorts Straight To Your Wallet

A Short Token is a short position wrapped in an Ethereum Token. That means you can gain exposure by merely holding one. On Radar Relay, you can trade Short Tokens directly from your wallet the same as any other ERC20 token. No dealing with lenders, trusting exchanges, or fumbling for orders at close.

Inverse Price
Inverse Price

Down is Up,
Up is Down

When you hold a Short Token, your returns depend on the inverse price movement of the underlying token. For sETH/DAI, when the price of ETH goes down, sETH price goes up. A stable coin – tied to the US dollar – is used to fund, buy, and sell the short token. Short Tokens are a great way to gain upside in a down market or hedge loss on a significant position in your portfolio.

Token Expiration
Token Expiration

Open For 28-days

A Short Token position opened via the dYdX Protocol lasts 28 days. During that time, tokens can be minted and traded freely. At the end of 28 days, the Short Tokens expire and lock to the market price. Short Tokens can also be margin called before expiration if the price moves significantly against the token. Every Short Token is labeled by asset being shorted and expiration: sETH 6/15, sETH 6/30.

Redeeming Assets

Sell, Withdraw.

There are a handful of ways to get assets back from a Short Token. You can either sell on Radar or wait for your tokens to be automatically closed and withdraw your payout on Expo.

01 Redeeming Assets - Sell on Radar

Before expiration, you can post a sell order on Radar to trade away Short Tokens.

Radar Relay
02 Redeeming Assets - Withdraw

After expiration or margin call, you can withdraw your assets at

Decentralized Derivatives
Decentralized Derivatives

Simple Trade.
Advanced Product.

Once a complex value chain, between lenders, exchanges, brokers, clearinghouses, and traders, short positions now only take a few clicks. Every aspect from creation to settlement happens via decentralized technology. All you need to buy a Short Token is an Ethereum Wallet. While ETH is the first, many more assets will have Short Tokens in the future. It’s a tremendous risk management tool for traders.

Radar Relay

Short Tokens Are On Radar Relay.

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